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Our Fruit Teas make a delicious and unique beverage your customers are sure to enjoy.

Founded in 2017, Franklin’s Fruit Tea quickly grew from a local festival beverage into a much-requested favorite throughout Tennessee. No matter what flavor you try, our teas will always quench your thirst and have you wanting more. Franklin’s Fruit Tea offers 4 handcrafted flavors which include, Liquid Gold (Traditional), Mango Peach, Half & Half, and Strawberry. Franklin’s Fruit Teas also offers a southern style Lemonade. 

All wholesale purchases will be delivered to the address provided.

Suggested Retail Price

16oz Bottle - $2.99
32oz Bottle - $4.99
64oz Bottle - $6.99
128oz Bottle - $9.99

For questions about wholesale options and additional sizes, contact Mylikia Franklin at (615) 796-6491 or email franklinsfruittea@gmail.com.