Pictured is our founder at the very first event in Murfreesboro, TN during May of 2017


The Award-Winning, Franklin’s Fruit Tea, is brewed and bottled in Nashville TN. Founded in 2017 by the husband and wife team, Germayle and Mylikia Franklin, Franklin’s Fruit quickly grew from a local festival beverage into a much-requested favorite throughout Middle Tennessee. It began when Germayle was in college with limited funds but loved fruit tea. In order to enjoy the refreshing Middle Tennessee staple without the cost, Germayle decided to learn to make fruit tea himself. Later, family and friends repeatedly requested what is known today as "Liquid Gold". As requests grew the couple decided to launch a business selling fruit tea. Starting from small events, then growing to festivals and concerts the business emerged! In 2019, they added a mobile fruit tea bar named “Queen-La-TEA-Fa”, which allowed them to increase their notoriety with Middle Tennessee residents. The mobile fruit tea bar provided their raving fans easy access to five flavors of fruit tea, Liquid Gold (Traditional), Mango Peach, Half & Half, Strawberry, Wild Berry, and southern style lemonade. They now offer bottled beverages in several grocery and convenience stores. Franklin's Fruit Tea is also the proud winner of the 2020 Ruthies Award (Rutherford Counties, “Best of The Best”) for best fruit tea.