Award Winning Fruit Tea


Fruit Tea! It's a Middle Tennessee thing!

Our Fruit Teas

Our fruit tea is made from finest black tea. The tea is fresh brewed and then combined with fresh fruit puree. We have 4 fresh fruit purees. Liquid Gold is a blend of oranges and lemons. Mango, Peach, which is a blend of just that, mangoes and peaches. Half & Half is a combination of the best lemonade and southern style sweet tea. Strawberry is our southern style sweet tea blended with sweet strawberries.

Our Lemonade

Our homemade lemonade is made from lemons and natural sugar. Our blend is sure to challenge your Granny's old fashioned lemonade!

Our Honey Bun Cake

Our Honey Bun Cake is so good it's hard to describe. Imagine a Cinnabon and a honey bun joined together to make a moist decadent pillow soft cake with a hint of cinnamon and a crunch of pecans. We also have a pecan free version.


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Customer Testimonials

I’m a hardcore tea lover of every color, flavor, and kind. This tea life changing good. Like, make you take a photo and send it to all your friends good. Honestly, good doesn’t even begin to cover it, this tea is absolutely amazing. The taste!! I’m particular about how sweet I like my tea to be because I find most to be too much, but this is just that perfect natural sweetness you spend time and money looking for. I scooped up every flavor of Franklin’s Fruit Tea at my local Tower Market and Deli not knowing what to expect from the unassuming label and wow...I know it may sound a little ridiculous to be this obsessed with this stuff, but you’ll get it once you try it! I’m keeping it stocked in my fridge so I can spread the goodness and cheer to my friends and family. If you’re looking to find it bottled (trust me, you will be) to stock your own fridge or take on roadtrips, Tower Market and Deli in East Nashville has every flavor! Franklin’s Fruit Tea, ya’ll are doing something really special!! ❤️

Meagan T

Franklin's Fruit Tea is the best!!! Superior quality and service. They went the extra mile to make sure my best friend who was in town for a short period of time and missed the preorder deadline was still able to a few gallons of tea back to Detroit to enjoy!! You are the best!!!


We just moved here to TN from Wisconsin recently and, being from the land of cheese and sausage, we are always on the lookout for superb eats. We travel the nation and love to learn about the communities we pass through via local eats. We heard that this stand would be in a nearby parking lot and decided to try it out. My husband ordered liquid gold and I had mango peach. We also ordered a honeybun cake for us and baby to share. The tea. BOTH of these flavors are out of this world! The flavor profiles are strong and beautiful--carefully crafted and not lost behind the tea. The flavors actually taste like flavors, and not needlessly dyed to make us think we are tasting the flavors lol. liquid gold gives me citrus vibes. super clean and refreshing. Goes down smooth and quenches thirst on a hot day. In Tennessee, smooth and quenching =literal gold! Peach mangos flavor profile is strong and clean. both flavors are clear and taste natural. The cake, taste like nothing I've ever had before. We got a strong honey flavor, a cinnamon back, and it was delicate and moist--airy and not dense. In a nutshell friends, Follow the page. Keep tabs on the truck. Try more than one flavor. you won't be sorry.